We are so happy to open up
Zink again. Stockholms
most personal bistro!

We are Stockholms oldest restaurant that opened 2008! During one of our many trips to France we ended up in an antique dealers shop that specialized in old bistro interior from 1890-1955. My wife and I fell in love with it. On standing foot we bought the now famous bar counter in pure Zink, from 1933. According to the antique dealer this was Yves Montands favorite bar in Paris. At first we planned on placing it in our livingroom where we would sit and enjoy our croissants.But then we stumbled upon this space. That bar counter was the first piece of this restaurant!

Think again-everything is new, but you feel at home.

/ Peter Nordin

When the antique dealers brother brought us the bar counter from Lyon he was nice enough to add a few other pieces for us in the price. Red velvet couches and round tables. Our idea grew more and more! We found old chandeliers from the late 50´s. They used to hang in the municipal building in a small village called Ödeshög. The wooden floor is from a 100 year old bank in Poland. The stone plates in front of the bar is from a factory outside Madrid and the lamps from a shop in Stockholm. The mirrors we were lucky to find at different antique shops. We then bought a big charcoal grill and the ferrari of cutting machines. We were all set! The restaurant was named after the bar counter and we decided to specialize in charcoal grilled meat and charcuteries!

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Premiere of new Zink!

Sorry, we could'nt invite everyone as you can imagine. For all of you who was'nt there please visit our mingling page.

Zink Grill in a new way.
We are Stockholms most
personal bistro!

Zink Grill is a whole new experience but you will feel at home. We have more seats and more space in the bar. We have our big charcoal grill in the kitchen. I was asking myself why this item is so linked to just meat, so I decided I wanted more variety this time around. The new menu is a combination of carefully selected meats,beautiful fish and fresh vegetables.

On the 20th of February we open up Stockholms most popular bistro. Welcome back.

Rythm in life

Our goal is to follow the natural rythm of the day. Zink was the first place to offer breakfast in Stockholm.

We open 11.30

We serve french breakfast. Croissants, Eggs Benedict, Brioche, homemade jam, different kind of eggs scrambled with bacon and sausages, Omelet, fruit salad, fresh coffee, tea and much more.

After work 17.00 – 19.00

The bar counter is filled with Pintxos och appetizers. The bartenders mix up drinks and the music is pumping. Fri - Sat we have Dj´s playing. Check our Calendar!

Zink menus

A small bistro with a big heart

When my wife and I travel to Paris at least 6 - 8 times a year we always stroll thru the latin quarters. Thats where the idea of Zink Grill was born. A lot of places are open from early morning to late night.

lunch 11.30 – 14.30

We have a lunchmenu and we are quick. There is always a Plat du jour for 169 sek. Click on the menu and enjoy your reading. Book your table now!

afternoon 14.30 – 17.00

We also have an afternoon menu. Click on the menu and enjoy your reading. Book your table now!

Brunch 13.00 – 17.00

Every sunday we have brunch at Zink. Click on the menu and enjoy your reading. Book your table now!

Dinner 17:00-close

The big news at Zink is more fish and shellfish. A proper vegetarian dish. Welcome in and enjoy our a la carte menu. Grilled and slow cooked meat, salads, burgers, a big variety of fish, shellfish and vegetables. Homemade ice cream and pastrys. Click on the menu and enjoy your reading. Book your table now!

larger groups

We have two long tables that are appreciated for larger parties. One line can handle 18 people. The second line is suitable for 12 people. Are you a bunch of 9-18 people, then I really recommend these dishes.


We handle our desserts in a very careful way. Beautiful cakes and homemade ice cream. Its simple, it tastes amazing and its not expensive.

The Bar
16:30-close 7 days a week

The bar is our big investment. We have a skilled brigade under the leadership of Thobias Pettersson & Joakim Palm. Our cocktail menu consists of mixed drinks, avecs, wine, beer and much more. We also serve a simper barmenu with charcuteries that you can enjoy whilst soaking in the atmosphere.

“The social is like adding a spice. At Zink you gather your friends to enjoy flavours and gastronomy”.

About us

We are the
PDf Brasserie Group

We are a group of friends that live and breath restaurant. Together, under our flagship, PDF Brasserie Group, we run some of the leading restaurants in Stockholm, says Peter Nordin. Except for Peter, we also find his wife Carina, pastry chef, Filip Guven, chef, Daniel and Theo Stefanidis, both well known sommeliers and dining room personalities.

Together we make out the platform for PDF. But the real value is in all our wonderful co-workers and skilled artisans that is a part of our organisation-together we uphold high quality and ambition-that is the true PDF.

Space for smaller groups

We are an intimate bistro, and our space isnt very big. In attachment to our conversion we have added a big table where we can fit up to 8 people. We offer selected meats, fish and fresh vegetables, all straight from our charcoal grill.


Our kitchen is brand new with a charcoal grill and stoves. We refurnished the place so we could add 25 more seats, this means even more guests can enjoy our cuisine.

"A Grill is more than pieces of meat shrine"

Not only do we serve carefully selected meat, we also have a big variety of fish, shellfish and fresh vegetables, all straight from the charcoal grill. You can use a grill for so much more than just cooking meat, there is room for shellfish and fresh vegetables, fish and condiments.

My companion in the kitchen is mr Yang Germond, He is responsible for the love thats put into the food at Zink. We carefully select all of our ingredients.

Joni finds inspiration from myself, my wife and the team that works at Zink. They all assist in the dining room, bar and the kitchen.

Zink Grill is your dining room where you enjoy the food along side your dearest!


We are always looking for new and interesting people.
You are welcome to send your application to
Mark your application Zink Grill.

We have a very skilled brigade in all areas of the restaurant. We are a team in all aspects. Humor, responsibility, loyalty and knowledge are some of our guiding words. The focus is always on the guest in Stockholms most intimate environment.


Click you way thru our calendar to find information about Dj´s, the latest news regarding the bar aswell as the menu. The kitchen sometimes share their secret recipes and the latest desserts created by our pastry chefs.


Zink Grill
Biblioteksgatan 5
SE 111 46 Stockholm

Dining room: +46(0)8-611 42 22
Phone kitchen: +46(0)8-611 42 20
Reservations: +46(08)-611 42 22

Closed for breakfast until 7 of august.

Opening hours

11.30 - 23.00
11.30 - 23.00
11.30 - 01.00
11.30 - 01.00
11.30 - 01.00
12.00 - 01.00
13.00 - 22.30

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